How Many New Years Do You Have Left? – Season 2 Episode 2


Our life is as smoke – here for a moment, gone the next. What are you going to do with the precious gift of this short life?


Our Daughter’s Heart Stopped, Then Jesus Walked In – Season 2 Episode 1


Nathaniel and Hayley’s newborn child started experiencing complications soon after birth, but then Hayley saw a vision of Jesus walking into the room. Watch and see what God does next.


Fractured Back Radically Healed – Update to Mark’s Testimony From Episode 6

NCL Mark Update1

Fractured Back Radically Healed – This is an update to Mark’s testimony from Episode 6. In this video find out what has happened to Mark since his miracle.


Psychedelic Festival Encounters Jesus – Episode 15

NCL Episode 15

What would happen if Jesus walked into a psychedelic festival? What happens at 4 minutes left me speechless! This is the second part of our two part series on psychedelic festivals, continuing on from Episode 14. This is the normal Christian life!


Cast Out Demons – Episode 14


Watch what happens at one of Australia’s biggest psychedelic festivals when a team of Jesus lovers attend. They are approached by a man oppressed by a demon. Wait until you see what happens!


Can A Violent Suburb Be Saved? – Episode 13

Ep 13 FP1

Watch God move in a suburb with a history of violence and crime. Watch how God changed the lives of those who were Muslim and those who have lived in violence. Watch God use them to reach others. Can a Suburb be saved?


Her First Time Praying For The Sick – Episode 12

Episode 12

Apart from her grandchildren Jill has never prayed for the sick. She’s not sure if God will even heal through her. In this episode Nathaniel takes Jill out to pray for people for the first time. Watch and see what God does!


Watch God Grow Her Leg Out – Episode 11

Ep 11 FP

Mitch is at the drive-in cinema and is seeing God move powerfully. But watch what he does when he doesn’t see immediate healing!


God Crashes Drive-In Cinema – Episode 10

Ep 10 FP

What happens when normal Christians go to the drive-in cinema? Mitch, Joel, Candice and Abby go to a drive-in cinema and the Holy Spirit breaks out!


Suicide Prevention God’s Way – Episode 9

Ep 9 FP

Nathaniel stopped a young man to pray for him when he realised there was blood running from his wrists. Spencer thought it might be his last day but God had other plans. Watch and see what happens. This is the […]


The Soccer Field Confrontation / Healing Vs Unbelief – Episode 8

Ep 8 FP

Nathaniel Oliveri visits a soccer team who is desperately in need of healing. A few weeks earlier Ben’s knee was healed and now he wants to see God heal his whole team as well. Will unbelief prevent them from receiving […]


God Ruins Normal Day At Work Site – Episode 7

Ep 7 FP

Aaron sees some renderers from a distance and God gives him some words of knowledge for them. They are busy working but that’s before God shows up. God ruins normal day at work site. Renderers rendered speechless. This is the […]


Crushed Back Healed – Episode 6

Ep 6 FP

John and Pat have been Christians for 8 months. They offer to pray for Mark who has had a crushed back for years and who doesn’t think God can heal him. Watch what happens next. This is the Normal Christian […]


God Puts Two New Discs In A Man’s Back – Episode 5


A man gets two new discs in his back. Nathaniel saw a bandage on his knee and went over to ask him about it and then God showed up. Wait until you see his reaction! This is the Normal Christian […]


Jesus Loves Atheists – Episode 4


Nathaniel Oliveri and Andrew Chee see God move in an atheist’s life. When we keep the main thing the main thing and make love our primary concern God is able to bring down every barrier. This is the Normal Christian […]


Can I Pray For Others, When I Am Personally Not Yet Healed? – Episode 3


Nathaniel and Andrew address the question “Can I pray for others, when I’m personally not yet healed?” as they see people touched and healed while living out the normal Christian life. An atheist doesn’t believe in healing but watch what […]


Three Miracles in Twenty Minutes – Episode 2


Joel Shaw speaks with a group of teens and sees God rock their world. Three of them get healed and experience God’s presence for the first time. There are no limits to what God can do through us when we […]


The Normal Christian Life – Episode 1


All the following events take place in one hour in a normal Christian life. Healings, words from God’s heart, and people being impacted as God reveals His love through His children. One person even gets upset and begins shouting and […]

The Normal Christian Life